Site Builder

Our Mobile Site Builder allows clients to create beautiful, interactive HTML5 mobile sites with out-of-the-box functionality.


Our template-driven solution allows us to create large numbers of mobile sites efficiently.



  • HTML5 Mobile Sites
  • Rich functional components
  • Drag and Drop Navigation
  • ‘What You See Is What You Get’ Interface
  • Templates
  • CSS & HTML Customization
  • Extensive reporting and analytics



  • Form Builder: Simplecreation of forms with rich pre-built functionality including duplicate checking, entry limits and more.
  • “Send By Email” Lead Capture: Sends multimedia emails with file attachments to users; stores emails captured as leads for brands.
  • Button Panels: Create and design panels with fully customizable style buttons.
  • Sampler / Contests: Easy access entry to a giveaway or contest.
  • Image Galley / Slideshow: Customizable image galleries and slideshows.
  • Social Media: Allows users to connect with a brand’s social media pages, display twitter feeds and more.
  • Map / Geolocation: Automated map and directions components.
  • Video: Easily incorporate mobile video, with post-roll capabilities.
  • Expandable  Text Elements: Accordion like text blocks that expand to show more content.
  • Polls / Surveys / Quizzes: Allow for multi-branched quizzes, surveys and polls.