SNIPP Sandbox

At Snipp, we like to push ourselves to constantly keep creating new and innovative solutions. We believe the best way to learn is by doing.


Through brainstorming, learning and exploration we’ve created cutting-edge mobile products that we are proud of. This is our Sandbox – our place to get our hands dirty and play with mobile technology.


Mobile Receipt Processing

Mobile receipt processing provides an entirely mobile workflow through which consumers can submit receipts to validate purchases made. It is a more efficient and cost effective solution than traditional mail-in programs.




Mobile Site Builder

Our Mobile Site Builder product allows us to create elegant and functionally rich mobile microsites at scale.




Custom QR Codes

Our custom QR code builder provides more styling options than any other in the industry – and its absolutely free! 




QR in the Cloud

Our QR in the Cloud solution allows users to scan QR codes even if they don’t have a QR code app on their phone.




Face in the Hole

Face in the Hole is a fun, addictive photo application that simulates the funfair experience of sticking your face through a cardboard cutout and having your photo taken.




Coupon Reader / Mobile OCR

We leveraged our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies to build an application to automatically read coupon codes by simply taking a photo of the coupon. 




Universal Scanner App

Our universal scanner app allows users to scan any form of mobile activation including QR codes, MS Tags, digital watermarks, images and more.