Mobile Receipt Processing

Introducing SnippCheck: Our mobile receipt processing solution provides an entirely mobile workflow where consumers can submit receipts to validate purchases made.


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Our solution streamlines the receipt processing and redemption process for a wide variety of programs including:

  • Coupons
  • Rebates
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Gifts with Purchase


  • Cost-effective: No postage costs, no expensive packaging changes, offshore processing.
  • Convenient for customers: No photocopying, no mailing, no printing.
  • “Pop-up” Capability: Programs can be set up overnight and can last for short periods of time.
  • Faster: Turnaround times in days, not weeks.
  • Transparent: Users are can check submission status. We provide strong audit trails for brands.
  • Totally Digital: All-digital workflow where receipts are digitized and receipt details are automatically transcribed as part of process.
  • Data Rich: Brands get detailed information about customers and their buying habits.


Key Features:

  • Entirely Mobile Submission: All you need is your phone: take photos with your camera, submit them using messaging or email, fill up any additional data on a mobile web form.
  • Works on All Phones: You don’t need to download an app for SnippCheck. You don’t even need a smartphone.
  • 100% Manual Validation: All submissions are validated manually. Our error rates are much lower than current OCR programs.
  • Any Receipt. Any Store. Any Image: We support any type of receipt from any type of retailer – and not just the big ones. Heck, we also support any type of image, not just receipts (see our mobile brand engagement solution).
  • Automated Pre-Processing:
Sophisticated OCR and image technologies are used to accelerate the process and transcribe text.
  • Sophisticated Fraud Detection:
Manual and automated fraud detection measures prevent consumers from gaming the system.

  • Enterprise Level Program Flexibility:
Our system supports all kinds of program variations – e.g., multiple image submissions, registrations, proofs of purchase, coupon issuance and more.
  • Customer Feedback:
Users can check their submission status any time. They also get notified if submissions are incomplete or invalid.
  • Detailed Tracking, Reporting and Analytics: Brands get detailed information about their customers and their buying habits.
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