Mobile OCR

We have integrated optical character recognition (OCR) technologies with mobile messaging and image processing to create custom solutions for brands.


Our Mobile OCR solution allows consumers to take a photo of any printed text and send it in by messaging. The text contained within the image is automatically decoded and acted upon as needed.


Examples of how Mobile OCR can be used most effectively:

  • Business Cards: Consumers can take a photo of a business card and send it in by messaging. Our solution can decode the business card and send the user back a vCard with all the contact information encoded within so it can be easily added to their address book. 
  • Loyalty Programs: For companies with loyalty programs consumers can take photos of the rewards coupons and send those in to be decoded, and have those points credited to their account automatically. Its far easier than having consumers type in rewards codes onto a website (or even texting them in).


Key Features of Snipp’s Mobile OCR

  • Multi-stage OCR sweeps with customized image pre-processing to improve accuracy rates
  • 100% foolproof manual failover option also exists (leveraging the SnippCheck Validation solution)
  • App free solution through MMS as alternate for consumers
  • SDK version able to be integrated into a branded app if needed
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