Snipp FAQs

What is Snipp?

Snipp mobilizes marketing. We help companies and organizations add powerful mobile interaction to any visual marketing or information campaign like print advertising, billboards, editorial text, package information, etc. This transforms traditional marketing and information campaigns into rich, instant, targeted communication with customers — supporting tactics to drive sales and accurately measure corresponding ROI.

What is a Snipp code?

The Snipp code is a ‘keyword’ selected by the advertiser that is associated with an item. For example, the Snipp code ‘NOKIA’ might be used when advertising phones. When you see an item you are interested in (an ad in a magazine, a product in a catalog, a classified ad in a newspaper) and want more information, look for the Snipp code at the bottom of the page. The Snipp code is usually right next to the Snipp logo , so when you see the logo you know you can Snipp the item.

Does Snipp cost anything?

All Snipp text messages sent and received by you will incur standard SMS charges according to your specific wireless plan. There are no other charges that apply other than the cost of sending and receiving text messages. If you think you are going to Snipp a lot of stuff, we recommend adding a mobile plan that includes a package of text messages

Is the service available everywhere?

The Snipp service is only available in the United States and Canada for now.

Which carriers support Snipp?

Snipp is supported by the following carriers:

USA: Canada:
  • Alltel
  • Boost Mobile
  • Cellular One
  • AT&T
  • Nextel
  • Sprint PCS
  • T-Mobile
  • US Cellular
  • Verizon
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Aliant Mobility
  • Bell Mobility
  • Fido
  • MTS Mobility
  • NorthernTel Mobility
  • Rogers Wireless
  • SaskTel Mobility
  • Télébec Mobilité
  • TELUS Mobility
  • Virgin Mobile Canada
  • Videotron

If you don’t see your carrier on this list, send an email to and we’ll let you know when support becomes available. Check with your carrier for details regarding availability and pricing of text messaging in your current calling plan.

What does SMS stand for?

SMS stands for Short Message Service. It is also called “text messaging”. It’s the service that lets you to communicate with other people using text messages or “texts” (160 characters or less) and is available on pretty much all phones in the USA and Canada.

Do I need to install anything on my phone to use Snipp?

Nope. You can use Snipp with almost any phone for text messages (as long as it has the ability to send text messages – as long as you bought your phone in the 21st century you should be fine) and for other messaging methods we support  see our full messaging capabilites: [link to Capabilities]) as long as they are supported by your phone.

How do I get more help?

If you still have a question, please email and we will be happy to answer it for you!

SnippCheck FAQs

What is SnippCheck?

SnippCheck is a mobile Receipt Processing and Image Recognition solution that is perfect to use in promotions. Snippcheck is primarily used to validate purchases (by processing receipts submitted by consumers) but is also broad enough to be used to validate any consumer action, as long as the consumer can take a photo of it and send it in. More details are available at Key features of SnippCheck:

  • It is an app-free solution (although it can be integrated into an app if required)
  • It works on all types of phones (not just smartphones)
  • Requires no POS integration or involvement by retailers
  • Works globally and available in multiple languages
  • Allows marketers to target specific retailers only (for use in channel co-marketing programs) or create complex combinations qualification criteria based on product combinations purchased, total dollar amounts spent, geography and any other receipt based criteria

SnippCheck can be integrated with other Snipp solutions:

  • SnippWin promotions platform
  • Loyalty and rewards platform

How does SnippCheck work?

  • Users simply take a picture of the receipt or image at the point of activation of the promotion and send it into Snipp’s proprietary platform
  • The image can be sent by standard picture text messaging (SMS/MMS), or it can be emailed or uploaded from a branded mobile web page (on smartphones).
  • Users receive real time confirmations that their image has been received and is being processed. In addition users can be given a link to register for the program or sent back custom content
  • If the quality of the picture is extremely bad due to lighting or a shaky hand, the system informs users to take another picture and send it in
  • The system then validates the receipt. We use a sophisticated OCR (optical character recognition) technology and proprietary algorithms to extract the data from the receipt and validate the purchases
  • Post validation users are informed of the success or failure of the validation based on the rules of the program and given the rewards of the program or provided with further instructions on how to redeem their rewards


What can I do with SnippCheck?

  • SnippCheck can be used for a variety of programs in both Purchase and Non-Purchase environment
  • Purchase based programs include but are not limited to:


Why should brands use the SnippCheck?

  • Very effective mechanism for purchase related and other kinds of promotions
  • More cost effective than alternate options
  • Easier to use for consumers
  • Faster turnaround times and more transparent
  • Vast amounts of consumer data, including purchase data (off the receipts)
  • Improved retailer relationships by leveraging SnippCheck in channel programs
  • Effective incentivization mechanism
  • Intelligent customer segmentation and targeting capability

What are the key benefits of SnippCheck?

  • Stretch your promotion budget to get a higher ROI
  • Vast amounts of additional customer data
  • Omni-channel deployment
  • Potential sales lift

What type of data does SnippCheck provide?

  • SnippCheck has a registration option that can be customized to provide brands with any customer demographic data they want (name, age, address, custom questions etc.).
  • By default, clients are provided with a basic set of receipt data for all receipts including: store name, date, transaction ID, receipt total, item name and total.
  • If required, the entire receipt can be transcribed and the client can be provided with shopping basket data for the customer.
  • The system also has embedded Google Analytics to capture data such as location, OS, Phone type.
  • The text messaging platform captures phone number, carrier, device ID, location

How much customization can a brand do on the Platform?

  • SnippCheck is completely customizable by the brand
  • Elements of customization include
    1. Email addresses
    2. Micro-site URLs
    3. Messaging content
    4. Registration data where required
    5. Workflows for user interaction
    6. Timing and sequence of messages
    7. Validation rules
    8. Rewards and Spiffs
    9. Integrations with external providers of services
    10. Channel deployments

How does the SnippCheck solution work?

SnippCheck’s engine deploys a sophisticated combination of:

  • Sophisticated image pre-processing to orient, deskew and improve the image quality
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to convert the receipt image into text
  • Proprietary fuzzy matching algorithms to extract relevant receipt data (including store name, purchased items etc)
  • Manual validation and oversight to ensure 100% accuracy for all receipts

How fast is your validation engine?

  • Snipp can support real time validation
  • However, our standard validation turnaround time is “within 24/48hrs” as this gives us time to manually process any exceptions that are created.
  • SnippCheck also supports 100% human validation for programs that require it

How do you prevent fraud?

SnippCheck leverages a multi-layered approach to prevent fraud and users from gaming the system

  • Using our image recognition technology, all incoming receipts are matched against the database to see if there is an exact match (i.e. that particular image exists on the database)
  • When the receipt image has been converted to text, we do a fuzzy text match of the receipt text against the database to see if the text approximately matches the text of a previous receipt
  • We check the store name and receipt date, barcode/transaction ID and total amount. If those match we flag for potential duplicate.
  • We also check a sequence of prices on the receipt –and if we have a similar sequence of prices in the database it gets flagged as a potential duplicate.

Who is using SnippCheck today?

  • Snipp has a variety of customers in different industries
  • For our latest case studies please visit
  • Snipp is also available globally with campaigns carried out in Canada, Mexico, Middle East, India and Brazil

How much does SnippCheck cost?

  • Pricing is a function of the program
  • Please call 1888-99-SNIPP to discuss your program with a Sniper
  • Prices start from $5000 upwards

Who owns SnippCheck?

  • SnippCheck is owned by Snipp Interactive Inc.(
  • Snipp Interactive Inc. is a publicly traded company on the Toronto Venture Exchange: TSX:V. Snipp trades under the symbol SPN
  • Snipp is headquartered in Washington DC

Does Snipp Interactive have other products?

Snipp has five solutions that span the path to purchase for a typical customer

  1. SnippCheck – receipt and image processing
  2. SnippWin – promotion platform for instant wins, sweeps, coupons, loyalty that includes a rewards store (with no rewards)
  3. SnippSites – Mobile campaign based interactive web sites
  4. SnippAR – Augmented reality next generation solutions
  5. SnippAlerts – our txt messaging, qr code and image recognition retargeting platform.