Face In The Hole

Face-in-the-Hole marries the camera phone with sophisticated facial recognition and image manipulation technologies to create fun, viral mobile campaigns that can be leveraged by brands.


Remember the fun cardboard cutouts that you’d stick your face into as a kid? Face-in-the-Hole is just as fun! We offer endless different templates – and all you need to try it out is your mobile phone.


It is a simple process:

  1. Take a photo of your face (or a friend’s).
  2. Text the photo and the word “face” to 76477 – or by email to face@snipp.com.
  3. See what you get back.
  4. Share on social media and email!


Brands can use Face in the Hole for a variety of different brand initiatives:

  • Sports Teams: Brands sponsoring a sport or team can enable consumers to get back a photo of them in team uniform.
  • Try On a Product: Consumers could virtually try on accessories (e.g. sunglasses, hats, hair color products) through Face in the Hole.
  • Meet A Star: Enable consumers to have a photo of them with a famous star
  • Travel: Create picture postcards showing consumers in specific locations
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