Press Release: Taco Bell, ESPN and Snipp Deliver A Mobile Knockout

By Snipp February 21, 2013

For the second year in a row, Snipp Interactive Inc. powered ESPN and Taco Bell’s mobile QR code campaign for the Bowl Championship Series college football games. The campaign, which recently concluded, generated over 225,000 scans since its launch on December 20th, a record performance for a non-sweepstakes based campaign. 

Taco Bell placed QR codes on variety 12 pack taco boxes and accompanying soda cups. Hungry football fans were directed to scan QR codes prominently placed on the packaging to watch exclusive mobile videos of ESPN college football analyst Mark May previewing upcoming games.

Last year, a similar campaign offered consumers an option between texting a keyword to a shortcode and scanning a QR code. This year’s campaign, however, was QR code only.

Snipp CEO and co-founder, Atul Sabharwal noted, “This campaign should serve as a testament to the value and staying power of QR codes – and should serve as a case study for marketers looking to effectively leverage mobile marketing. There was a clear call to action on the packaging, a strong connection between the target audience and the content being provided and great execution on all aspects of the campaign including a mobile optimized site for watching the videos.” 

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