Snipp Launches Largest Ever Mobile Campaign in Mexico

By Snipp October 10, 2012

Snipp mobile-enabled Sección Amarilla’s Yellow Pages which has been received by 2.1M households in Mexico City.


Snipp Interactive Inc.Anuncios en Directorios, S.A. de C.V. (“Sección Amarilla”), Mexico’s leading yellow pages and multi-media advertising company (controlled by industry titan Mr. Carlos Slim Helú) and VirKet S.A. de C.V. (“VirKet”), a leading provider of digital marketing services and the exclusive licensee of the Snipp platform in Mexico, today announced that the companies have signed an agreement of understanding to develop mobile solutions exclusively for Sección Amarilla clients.
Sección Amarilla’s first deployment of Snipp’s Mobilize Me platform and services is across the 2012 issue of its Yellow Pages book for Mexico City. The issue was launched on the 2nd of October and has been received by 2.1M households in Mexico City. There are several QR codes printed in the book, including one prominently on its cover. Currently the QR codes point to a video, and over time Sección Amarilla plans to create special offers for consumers that will be accessible by scanning the QR codes.  This campaign is the largest mobile marketing event in the history of Mexico.
Sección Amarilla and Snipp have also begun working together to build and deploy mobile solutions for various other operating firms within Grupo Carso, including Telmex, the largest Telecom Operator in Mexico and Sanborns, the retail arm that oversees 180 Sanborns Stores, 90 Sears Stores, 60 Mixup Stores, 30 iShop Stores and 3 Saks Fifth Avenue Stores in Mexico. In addition, the two companies are working on deploying a range of mobile-enabled business models for the Mexican market in 2013-14 for clients ranging from SMBs to multinationals.
VirKet sub-licensed Snipp’s Mobilize Me technology platform under a strategic sales partnership agreement between the two companies that was announced on May 30, 2012, and will be using the platform to provide mobile marketing services Sección Amarilla in Mexico on an exclusive basis. Maintenance of exclusivity will be subject to reaching certain business performance targets.
This agreement makes Snipp unique in that it provides publishers, agencies and advertisers with a full suite of mobile marketing tools for seamless implementation across Mexico, the United States and Canada. 
Mr. Benjamin Podoswa Schwaycer, CEO of Anuncios en Directorios, S.A. de C.V. said, “We have deployed the Snipp platform in Mexico on our 2012 Yellow Page edition that reaches over 2M households. Early results have far exceeded expectations and we look forward to developing our partnership with Snipp to further implement innovative mobile business models for the Mexican market.”
Mr. Pedro Quinzaños Cancino, CEO of VirKet said, “We are excited and grateful to work with such an excellent company as Anuncios en Directorios. With Snipp’s mobile marketing platform, we can effectively merge offline and online marketing solutions together across a range of industries in Mexico including some of the leading retail, consumer and publishing brands in the country.  Mexico, through companies such as TelMex Internacional and America Movil, are rapidly adopting mobile technology and more and more clients in Mexico are looking for mobile solutions.  Snipp’s scalable technology is ideal and this agreement is proof of a very exciting beginning.”
Atul Sabharwal, CEO of Snipp noted: “We embrace our newest partner Anuncios en Directorios, S.A. de C.V. and are excited to work with this exceptional company.  They are marketing leaders in Mexico offering cutting edge solutions.  VirKet is a great partner that has opened this incredible door.  We look forward to working with both companies to expand mobile marketing services throughout Mexico and beyond. Snipp will continue to build its roster of international partners to bring our unique platform to users globally.”
Anuncios en Directorios, S.A. de C.V.
Anuncios en Directorios, S.A. de C.V. sells advertising multi-media.  Otherwise known as “Sección Amarilla (Yellow Pages) they are mostly known for telephone directories both in print and electronic.  Anuncios en Directorios, S.A. de C.V. is a company controlled by leading international businessman Mr. Carlos Slim Helú. Anuncios en Directorios S.A. de C.V. is present in Mexico, United States, El Salvador, Peru and Columbia.
About VirKet S.A. de C.V
VirKet SA. De CV is a digital marketing agency that provides telecom operators, publishers, advertising agencies and other companies with a large SMB footprint with digital advertising campaigns and products that are built to increase their ROI and provide additional income channels through their current customer bases. VirKet also specializes in working with government agencies to provide digital platform services that engage SMB’s, educate them on the benefits of marketing online and providing tools to get their business online through various VirKet sponsored government programs. VirKet has offices in the United States and Mexico.