Snipp Announces “Face-in-the-Hole” Halloween Campaign

By Snipp October 30, 2012

Snipp today released a Halloween-themed ‘Face-in-the-Hole’ campaign. Snipp and its clients plan to utilize the technology for generating revenue. The campaign is currently live and users can experience it by sending a picture of a face and the word “FACE” through messaging (MMS) to 76477 in the United States but can be tested anywhere in the world by emailing

Through this innovative ‘Face-in-the-Hole’ technology, brands will be able to take advantage of the growing interest in mobile photo sharing, as evidenced by the popularity of consumer applications such as Instagram (now owned by Facebook), Lightbox, Picplz, Scan and Dailybooth, but with increased control of the customer experience by the brand and most importantly, without the need to download a mobile app.  

Snipp has created a custom set of Halloween-themed images celebrating the holiday. Mobile phone users can try it by taking a photo of someone’s face (or their own) using their mobile phone and send it with the word “FACE” by MMS to 76477 (in the United States only). Users outside of the United States can email the photo to They will receive back their surprise Halloween photo and can share with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Atul Sabharwal, CEO of Snipp said: “What better way to celebrate the Halloween season with some mobile-enabled treats? This campaign is another example of how versatile our image recognition solution is. We look forward to continuing to create innovative campaigns with our clients.”