PRESS RELEASE: Snipp Launches New Shortcode 811811 To Support New Programs & Clients

By Snipp February 26, 2013

Snipp is pleased to announce the launch of its new short code, 811811 to further strengthen its Mobilize Me suite and supplement the growing demand for a number of programs in Snipp’s toolbox.

Snipp’s mobile solutions take messaging interactivity to new heights through text and picture messaging. SnippCheck, Snipp’s mobile receipt processing solution, allows users to submit receipt images for validation through MMS.

Snapp, Snipp’s image recognition solution, enables interactive mobile campaigns by allowing users to send in photos of particular images and receive predefined responses. Similarly, Face-In-The-Hole is an interactive application that distorts and superimposes faces into photos that customers can receive via MMS.

The additional shortcode provides Snipp with flexibility in supporting client campaigns. The 811811 shortcode is provisioned for SMS and MMS across all four major carriers (AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile) and a number of other carriers.

Mobile messaging still remains the dominant method of mobile interactivity with the technology being supported by over 99% of all phones as well as on every carrier. Messaging coupled with Snipp’s Image Recognition and Mobile Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies allows for innovative new solutions in the field of loyalty, rebate processing, couponing and brand interactivity without the need for a custom application. 

Snipp CEO and co-founder, Atul Sabharwal noted, “Our platform and technology has been growing at an incredible rate. We are excited to add this shortcode to our Mobilize Me platform to better support existing and new programs/clients as we continue to deploy innovative and exciting mobile solutions.”