Future of Shopper Marketing Firms (Part 1)

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Future success in this industry will be won by firms that help brands to create a complete view of a customer’s behavior.

It is a view that begins with the very first thought a customer has about what they want, then to the factors that influence that initial thought and finally the incentives that drive them to make a purchase.

Are existing shopper marketing firms smart enough to recognize how close they are to building this customer view? If not, a spunky start up may capture their clients with innovative tools.

Many larger consumer marketing companies like News America have invested heavily in print and online platforms to disseminate coupons, but exist in separate silos. They have no way today of capturing actual offline purchase behavior motivated by any of the incentives provided either through a physical (print, outdoor, in-store, in-home) or digital (online, mobile apps, social media) channel. These companies remain the closest to building a data-centric world that will allow for incredibly personalized marketing. 

Marketing success will only come from viewing mobile not only as a channel but a tool to integrate their existing offerings. The solution is to strengthen mobile offerings that bridge the divide.

To do so, three key points need to be addressed:

  1. Know who your customer is and track them through the purchase cycle.
  2. Understand what your customer is looking for and provide a relevant incentive.
  3. Determine if they actually used the incentive to make a purchase and validate that the incentive works.

If existing infrastructure investments do not address the three points above, marketers are not taking advantage of the power of mobile. Subsequently, brand spend is simply a “spray and pray” method.

In part two of this series, I will address core strategies to help shopper marketers take advantage of mobile, but for now, I have to go back to helping my clients take advantage of mobile.